Writer, author, editor

Writer, author, editorWriter, author, editor

I write fiction, essays, and self-help. My stories are often inspired by nature, and my characters, whether true or imagined, are often women in search of truth and healing.

I periodically teach writing classes and  wellness writing workshops. I  fervently believe in the power of sharing wisdom and stories, as well as the healing nature of self-expression. I also offer one-on-one editing services.

I earned my Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Pacific University.

Family is my origin and my destination.  I'm a daughter, sister, wife, mom, and pet mama. Without family, what?

Nature is my home. Soil to sky, worm to whale, seed to towering sequoia--these are what most nourish me.  I am deeply troubled about what's happening to our natural environment which is why I'm an occasional activist.

The Pacific Northwest is my place. Although born in Chicago, I knew early on that I belonged near the mountains, next to the water, and part of the culture of this land and its people.